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Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen

Dear Clansman,

On behalf of the 2010 Clansmen and its coaching staff, a huge thank you to the alumni for your efforts, financial contributions, and support.

We are hard at work preparing for next season and are confident in an improved showing.

We look forward to seeing many of you up on the hill next Fall.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to You and Yours.


Interested in helping graduating Clansmen find a career?

If you are open to sitting down with graduating seniors and sharing more about your profession or industry please let me know.

If you have part-time positions for current players, please let me know directly as well.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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    SFU Football Alumni Society - Home - Thank You and Happy Holidays from the 2010 Clansmen
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